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Chat Transcript

When the lights go down...

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Kate Garven: Hi everyone! Looking forward to answering your questions!
Question: Hi Kate. I love you in Home and Away. I'm in the 40 Hour Famine this year for the first time. What tips do you have for first timers like me?
Kate Garven: Make sure you keep up your fluids and just try to think of the great thing you're doing rather than food! Occupy yourself with something else otherwise you go crazy.
Question: Is there any particular reason why you're participating in the 40 Hour Famine?
Kate Garven: I think it's a great cause and I think it's a worthy charity. I've done it every year and my family's quite involved in it. It's a really good tradition.
Question: When you do the 40 Hour Famine do you just have to give up food?
Kate Garven: No not at all! You can give up anything you really love - technology, anything you want. Not just food.
Question: How do I do the 40 Hour Famine?
Kate Garven: You ring up, get a book and collect sponsors - mainly family and friends. Don't go knocking on strangers doors. Choose how many hours you want to do and when the time comes do it!
Question: Hi, I just wanted to say that you are amazing and I wanted to know - where do you get your inspiration?
Kate Garven: I get my inspiration from a lot of places - my fellow cast members of Home and Away, famous actors and personal inspiration from my family and friends.
Question: What does it feel like to be on Home and Away and be acting to have a boy friend who is in a wheelchair? Because my boyfriend is in a wheelchair.
Kate Garven: I found it was very hard for Jade but it taught me a lot about how strong you have to be for the other person. It was a good storyline and it was interesting to see what happens to people in that situation.
Question: What's the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you on set?
Kate Garven: There's not a specific time but when you're tired or when someone trips over in the middle of the take and everyone's watching you, you feel really silly.
Question: Is it worth starving myself?
Kate Garven: Well I think giving up food for 40 hours is minimal compared to what people overseas go through. It's a glimpse - you don't even come close to what they go through. It's definitely worth it.
Question: Hi Kate, how are you? How old were you when you first started acting on television?
Kate Garven: I started drama when I was a young girl - about 6. I started doing ads but I started Home and Away when I was 14.
Question: Hey Kate, what is your favourite thing about being on the show?
Kate Garven: Getting to do what I love every day - acting. Also working with the great people I work with. They're all like family.
Question: What's it like working on the set of Home and Away?
Kate Garven: It's good. Everything that's filmed inside is actually sets. You've got fake walls and doors that go nowhere - it's a bit strange!
Question: What do you miss eating the most when you take part in the 40 Hour Famine?
Kate Garven: I miss eating my desserts! Everyone always picks the night when I'm doing the 40 Hour Famine to take me out to a restaurant or something!

Question: How old are you?
Kate Garven: I'm 16.
Question: How did you start working on Home and Away?
Kate Garven: I got into acting when I was younger, I got an agent, started auditioning for roles and was lucky enough to get it. If you start drama classes and get an agent that helps. Just make sure you don't get too hurt by rejection, it happens all the time.
Question: Hiya Kate. What's been the most challenging storyline you have been involved in during your time on Home and Away?
Kate Garven: The bulimia storyline aws hard. Also Nick in the wheelchair and Kirsty taking drugs.
Question: Hi Kate, if there were 3 things that you could change about the world what would they be and why?
Kate Garven: Obviously everyone getting along especially now there's a lot of violence in the world. You can hardly turn on the TV without seeing something sad, so more peace in the world. Also everyone being able to live a comfortable life and have food and neccessities to live a happy and healthy life. And more spunky boys!
Question: Kate, I love your show and think it's really cool that you're doing the 40 Hour Famine. I am also doing the 40 Hour Famine and have got all my friends to sponsor me. Has any of the Home and Away crew sponsored you?
Kate Garven: Yep, everyone's been sponsoring me from the cast and the crew. They've been really supportive!
Question: Hi. Do you like playing the role of a twin sister, Jade Sutherland?
Kate Garven: Yeah, I think it's great. You can always bond with a certain person that no one else on the show has. Our characters share a special bond - we finish each other's sentences, know what each other is going to say, etc.
Question: What's it like being a household name?
Kate Garven: I don't know if I am1 It's strange that people know my name. It's a great thril to have people know me.
Question: Hi Kate, I was just wondering how you will spend the 40 Hour Famine weekend?
Kate Garven: I'll probably spend it with my sister trying to keep ourselves preoccupied. We'll have a little no food party!
Question: Do you have any pets?
Kate Garven: Yep, I have a cat, Tilly, a dog, Bitsy, a goldfish and a peacock called Andrew!
Question: Are you anything like the person you play?
Kate Garven: There are similarities between us because your character becomes a bit like you. There are differences - Jade's a very sweet and vulnerable girl whereas I have to have a bit more confidence because I'm an actress.
Question: Are you a fan of the reality shows on TV now?
Kate Garven: I can't say that I'm a huge fan. A lot of people like them and I suppose they're quite intriguing but I don't get into them.
Question: Kate what made you decide to become an actress?
Kate Garven: Well my mother put me in when I was younger so I wouldn't be so shy. I just loved it so I kept doing it!
Question: Were does the money go to? [ For the 40 Hour Famine that is ].
Kate Garven: The money goes to the people overseas who nedd it. Afghanistan, Sudan, India, Vietnam and so on. Freeing child workers and getting rid of land mines as well as food and aid.
Question: Is there time for school in your life?
Kate Garven: I left school this yaer but I'm doing my own studying because I can't keep up with the school system. Last year was very difficult, early mornings and late nights. I couldn't keep it up.
Question: If you could be an ice cream flavour, what would it be?
Kate Garven: Good old chocolate! Actually I'd probably be a really disgusting flavour so no one would eat me!
Katre Garven: Thanks for all the questions! Keep watching the show! Make sure you get ready for the 40 Hour Famine and good luck with it! Goodbye!